My name is Stephen Elder
I am currently working on an RPG demo with the ultimate goal of applying to Kickstarter for funding to complete the project.

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I am available for commission in drawing sprites, battlers and making tilesets for RPG Maker.

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+ Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing

+ Capable, part-time artist
(pencil sketching, watercolour, digital art, pixel art)

+ Self taught in Photoshop Elements 10 and G.I.M.P 2.0
(and, by proxy, MS Paint..)

+ General understanding of programming principles
(self taught the basics of C++ - made a functioning calculator and "guess the number" game..)

+ Excellent familiarity with Microsoft Office and general computer skills
(though by no means a qualified or even experienced computer technician, I am as au fait as 8 hours a day at my laptop can get me)

+ 24 years of being distracted by daydreams

+ Professional experience in teamwork and team leading within a civil service post


= Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ New Weird/ Cyberpunk

= World building
(map design, location description and detailing, a fascination for weird architecture and nature's more bizarre creations)

= Story writing
(short stories, concept outlines, character descriptions and bios, weapons, vehicles, items, romances, plot structures, rivalries, dreamscapes, lore, armours, magic systems)

= Video Game design
(script, character design, original concept, level design and layout - generally all creative elements)

= Tabletop RPGs
(avid Dungeons and Dragons DM, currently working on the lore and game mechanics for an original tabletop RPG with another writer and an artist. So far it's just a hobby, but serious thought and efforts are planned.)

= Modding
(specifically an old Sierra game called "Empire Earth", I redesign the game textures (.SST, .TGA) and swap model files (.CEM) for my own designs)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Erias Line: The Sub-Level Accommodation

Recently, I've started work on Sub-Level 33, where the excavation miners lived underground up until the project's completion. When the works were finished, the subterranean population moved in a panic back to the surface, conscious that jobs would once again be scarce.

The accommodation then, almost as quickly, became a refuge for the surface city's criminals, psychopaths and sadists, who turned the ready-made underground town into a lawless state separate from the one above.

The design covers several key elements: one, that there are still several haunting echoes of the pleasant family life that once filled them (children's toys, clothes draped across ironing boards), two, that they were only ever meant to be temporary and so still bare the hallmarks of hasty construction (scaffolding especially) and three, they've been severely vandalised by their new occupants...

In terms of putting pre-rendered maps together, the Sub-Level apartments are probably going to take the longest by some distance, since every 32x32 square requires several levels of detail to get this finished effect. Should definitely by worth the wait, however, and I'm very pleased with how it looks thus far.


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